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Alignment & Rigging Equipment Manufacturer

In the 1930's, the company was founded by C.A Mathey, inventor of a patented saddle-type portable pipe cutter and beveling machine. He also developed several clamping, aligning, and reforming systems for pipes. Mathey Dearman quickly became an internationally recognized manufacturer of pipe cutting, beveling, alignment and rigging equipment. The company still sets the benchmark for many applications and is recognized as an industry standard bearer.

The merger of Mathey Dearman Inc. (USA), B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools LLC (USA), and TAG Pipe Equipment Specialists (UK) in 2019, and the 2022 addition of AXXAIR (FR) dramatically increased the company’s offerings of pipe rigging and pipe alignment equipment. The manufacturers in the various product groups have been realigned to be integrated into the overall Specialized Fabrication Equipment Group (S.F.E.), while being able to retain their individual brand identities.

Mathey Dearman's brand portfolio includes a wide range of American-manufactured pipe cutting and beveling equipment, including pipe flame cutting and beveling machines, pipe alignments and reforming clamps, and pipe rigging equipment. Manufacturers in the S.F.E. Group are known for producing the highest quality pipe fitting tools in the industry. To that end, we now offer the Fit-Up Pro line of pipe fit-up, alignment, marking and layout tools.

The S.F.E. Group represents American pipe fitting OEMs with hundreds of years of combined experience as manufacturers of pipe beveling, cutting, alignment and rigging equipment that set the industry standard. The Mathey Dearman product portfolio is renowned for its innovation, ground-breaking developments, and creative designs, which is why Mathey Dearman products are available from partners and distributors around the world. Mathey Dearman's engineering capabilities, customer-oriented approach and flexibility allow it to provide pipe machining, tooling and other solutions that can be tailored to customers' needs in an industry that is always evolving.

Where there’s pipe, there’s Mathey.

Specialized Fabrication Equipment (S.F.E.) Group was founded in 2019 after the merger of three world leading OEM’s in the field of pipe fabrication equipment, tooling and machinery: B&B Pipe and Industrial Tools LLC (USA), Mathey Dearman Inc. (USA) and TAG Pipe Equipment Specialists (UK). In 2022 the AXXAIR Group (France) was acquired and in 2023 respectively Magnatech LLC (USA) and Climax Portable Machining & Welding Systems LLC (USA) were added to the S.F.E. Group.

The S.F.E. Group is formed with the vision of merging various fabrication tool businesses and brands together to offer the world’s most comprehensive range of orbital welding, pipe fabrication, precision engineered applications and cutting solutions for a wide variety of industries. S.F.E. Group’s unrivalled offering of complementing industrial tools is brought to its customers all around the world through its expanding global presence on and extensive partner network (250+), offering an unmatched level of local availability, support and service.

S.F.E. Group looks forward to welcoming you into its global network as a partner, distributor or end user customer and remains at your disposal at any time.

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