Sturdi Pipe Chain Clamp by Mathey Dearman

The Mathey Dearman Sturdi Clamp is a chain clamp ideal for schedule 40 and below pipe fitting alignment and reforming.

Originally invented in 1930, and originally known as the Dearman Clamp, Mathey Dearman offers the Sturdi Clamp as a lighter duty version of the Mathey Dearman Double Jackscrew pipe chain clamp.

Traditional methods for aligning heavy wall pipe, such as ratchet cable pullers, lugs and bottle jacks are time consuming and inconsistent in the results they achieve, making them unsuitable for the majority of critical pipe alignment applications. But the Mathey Dearman chain clamp is an innovative, time saving, cost effective solution for the quick, one-person pipe fitting alignment.

One Sturdi Pipe Chain Clamp can fit up a variety of sizes of pipes 1" to 36" (25 mm to 914 mm) diameter, elbows, tees, flanges end caps and most other pipe fittings (using the level and support device supplied).

The Sturdi Clamp by Mathey Dearman is available in carbon steel chain or stainless steel version. All Dearman clamps feature stainless steel jackscrews, jackbars and main blocks.

The high rise jackbars and main block provide the strength to reform the pipe either side of the weld gap to eliminate “Hi-Lo”, whilst enabling the welder to weld the entire circumference of the pipe with the clamp in situations where multiple cage clamps would usually be required.