E-Z Pipecut Manual: Oxy-Fuel Pipe Cutting & Pipe Beveling Machine

Mathey Dearman's E-Z Pipecut portable oxy-fuel pipe cutting and beveling chain driven machines are the economical solution for cutting and beveling pipe with wall thickness 5 mm up to 50 mm.

The Mathey Dearman E-Z Pipecut Manual is small and compact, strong and reliable, used by contractors, welders and pipefitters, equally on-site or in the workshop.

The E-Z Pipecut Manual is a straight forward portable, hand-operated compact chain - driven pipe cutting and beveling machine with an oxy-fuel cutting torch that provides a smooth, accurate cutting action by incorporating a low gear ratio and worm wheel drive.

The machine also features a quick-release clutch, that allows the operator to disengage the chain from the drive cog for rapid set up and positioning, and the beveling head angle (up to 45°) can be set quickly and accurately by scale on a rack and pinion.