• sleeve clamp



The Mathey Dearman Hydraulic Sleeve clamp is built to handle welded sleeves up to ¾" thick and up to 70,000 PSI tensile strength.

Unlike the common and unsafe application of a bottle jack and chain, this purpose-built clamp provides virtually 360 degrees of clamping force for perfect fit-ups.

The easy to operate hydraulic closure system makes set up and removal easy and quick.

Why risk the chance for flying jacks and falling sleeves when finally, there’s a better solution?

All models feature a 2-speed hydraulic hand pump for quicker installation and high-strength modular design for safer handling.

There are 4 models of clamps for any specific need and application - 5,000 PSI or 10,000 PSI of clamping pressure and 6" to 24" or 6" to 48" range for sleeves up to ¾" (19mm) thick.

All clamps include a rugged steel transportation and storage box.